Rental Period

• The “Pay Price” is for the full duration of the selected

hire period.

• If the vehicle is returned more than 1 hour late, an extra day’s rental

will be charged.

• Minimum hire periods may apply to Weekends, Bank/Public

holidays and to some locations.


• Payment is accepted by credit card.

• The estimated cost of the rental and the deposit is payable at the

start of the hire.

• Please note that most type of cars require two credit cards.


• The rental quote includes Comprehensive cover although excess

does apply.

• The amount of excess depends on which car you have rented and

whether you have chosen to reduce the excess.

• The excess ranges from  £350 to £500.

• An insurance proposal form must be completed by everyone

wishing to drive the car.

• 25 Minimum age limits apply; details of which are found alongside the

description of the car on the website.

• The maximum age limit for any of our vehicles is currently 74 yrs.

Loss or Damage to Vehicle

• Rates include comprehensive accidental damage cover, except for

the first £350 - £500 (depending on which car you hire).


• The excess may be reduced for a daily payment. Details of which

will be explained on confirmation of the hire.


• All accidents must be reported within 24 hours and an accident

report form completed.

• Failure to do this may result in the insurance becoming invalid.


• Rates include either unlimited mileage or a free daily mileage

allowance. This information is shown on the website for each vehicle.

• Where there is a free daily mileage allowance any additional

mileage travelled will be charged at the excess rate shown.

Driving Licence

• A valid driving licence (held for at least two years) must be

produced at the time of hire.

• If you hold a new style UK driving licence you will need to bring

both the ID card and the paper part.

• No Endorsed licences may be accepted 

• We also require additional proof of identity such as a passport and

proof of address.


• Fuel is not included in the rental price.

• The hirer is responsible for ensuring the correct fuel is used.

• If the wrong fuel is used the hirer is liable for all costs including

recovery and repair.

• All vehicles leave our locations with a full tank of fuel.

• Provided the vehicle is returned with a full tank of fuel, no refuelling

charge is payable.

• If a vehicle is returned not full of fuel, will refuel the vehicle on the

hirers behalf.

• The designated price to refuel a vehicle is currently £3.60 per litre

inclusive of vat.

Additional Drivers There is a charge

• Driving licences for additional drivers must be shown at the time

of hire.

• The hirer is liable and responsible for any additional days

of the rental.

Vehicle Returns

The hirer is responsible for ensuring the vehicle is returned to the

agreed location.

• The hirer will remain responsible for the vehicle and it’s condition

and any parking charges until it is re-inspected by a member of

our staff.

Parking, Traffic and Other Offences / Fines

• All fines and court costs for parking, traffic or other offences

(including any costs which arise if the vehicle is clamped or towed)

are the responsibility of the hirer.

• An extra £47 administration charge per offence will apply.

No Smoking Policy

• We operate a no smoking policy on all rental vehicles and reserve

the right to charge a fixed £150 valeting fee on return of the vehicle

if you have smoked or allowed smoking within the vehicle. This

includes allowing cigarette smoke or ash into the vehicle which

would imply the above.

Ferry Travel

• Cars may not be taken across to the mainland via ferry.

Child / Baby Seats

• We can provide child and baby seats. Fitting is the responsibility of

the hirer.


• Over 24hours: No charge. - Under 24hours: 1 Days rental.

• No show: 1 Days rental plus any delivery charge (if applicable).